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Tooth Extraction

Teeth that are impacted or too infected for root canal treatment can be continually painful.

Hopkin Oral Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah, can gently extract a compromised tooth, ending toothaches.

If you need a tooth extraction, board-certified oral surgeon Dr. Hopkin has the technological and sedation resources to perform the procedure with minimal discomfort.

Don’t Delay an Extraction Pulling a Tooth Can Prevent Serious Health Issues

If you are experiencing tooth pain or swelling of the gums, request a consultation. Our oral surgeon will always try to save as much of your natural tooth as possible, but he may recommend an extraction if the decay is significant or the gum disease is advanced.

Patients who have no tooth decay or gum disease may still benefit from an extraction. X-ray images can reveal if a new tooth is going to push into another tooth while erupting or fail to erupt all together. In these instances, Dr. Hopkin can remove the tooth before it causes serious damage to your oral health.

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Tamera DeRushia


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I definitely made the right choice. Very respectful and down to earth, I was never rushed or made to feel anything but the most important person in the room. And it wasn't just Dr. Hopkins. The entire staff was this way, 100% of the time. I was having all of my remaining top teeth removed and getting a top denture. The procedure was so fast and comfortable, I chose to be put under anesthesia. Full instructions for after care, full attention to any questions or concerns I may have had. 10/10 recommend Dr. Hopkins and his amazing staff. Thank you all for making this so easy to get finally taken care of. ❤️

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Conrad Harting

June, 2021

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Dr. Hopkin and his staff were very professional. The office was immaculate as well. They clearly explained my options with the procedure and what the process would entail. They also gave me proper expectations regarding insurance coverage. I’m very happy with the entire visit and would definitely recommend Dr. Hopkin to anyone.

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When Should You Get a Tooth Extraction?

Here are some instances where our oral surgeon will recommend removing a tooth:
A decayed tooth that cannot be repaired with a crown or filling
A crack or fracture that has compromised the tooth
When teeth, like a wisdom tooth, become impacted due to lack of space in the jaw
A dental abscess that cannot be treated with root canal therapy
Loose teeth caused by gum disease

Providing Quality Care With Advanced Technology

Our dental office uses state-of-the-art technology when it comes to tooth extraction. Instead of just using x-rays, we use 3D imaging equipment to gain a comprehensive view of your entire mouth and jaw. This allows us to pinpoint exactly which teeth may need extraction. Based on our findings, we can create a precise, customized treatment plan. Schedule a consultation online or call our Salt Lake City, UT, office today.


Preventing Impacted Teeth in Teens and Young Adults

Wisdom teeth typically emerge during a person’s late teens or early 20s. By upkeeping regular office visits, our oral surgeon can track the progress of your child’s wisdom tooth before it becomes impacted. If Dr. Hopkin sees that the tooth is likely to get trapped under the gums or will only partially erupt, he can extract the tooth as a preventative procedure.

If your teen or young adult has not had their teeth examined recently, contact Hopkin Oral Surgery in Utah today to schedule an appointment.

Your Tooth Extraction

What to expect when undergoing this procedure at Hopkin Oral Surgery


Dr. Hopkin will do all he can to preserve the tooth before recommending an extraction. He will likely use x-rays and a cone beam scanner to capture 3D images of your teeth to determine if a tooth extraction is necessary.


Your procedure begins with numbing the treatment site with a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during treatment.


Once your gums are numb, Dr. Hopkin will gently loosen the intended tooth from its socket before removing it. If the tooth is impacted, fractured, or severely broken, our dentist may make an incision and remove small amounts of bone. He may also divide the tooth into segments for easier extraction.

Sutures and Gauze

If necessary, our dentist will suture the extraction site to control bleeding. Dr. Hopkin may apply gauze to the extraction site to manage the bleeding, allowing a blood clot to form. You will be supplied with gauze so you can manage the bleeding while you're away from the dental office. If the blood clot is dislodged, it could cause a dry socket, where underlying bones and nerves are painfully inflamed.

Relax at Our Inviting Office

At Hopkin Oral Surgery, we understand that teeth removal can be stressful or intimidating. That’s why we combine advanced techniques and gentle sedation options to make the extraction as pain-free as possible.

To request a consultation or learn more, call our Salt Lake City, UT, dental office at:

(801) 277-3942

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Micah Weisenberg


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A review from a different perspective. I am a general dentist and have had referred many cases to Dr. Hopkin. He is a gifted surgeon who has amazing interpersonal skills. He keeps my patients informed and comfortable throughout the whole process. And when dealing with larger/complex cases, having good communication between the specialist, dentist, and patient is essential to achieving the desired outcomes. After seeing his work for the past two years, if my family or I needed to see an oral surgeon, we would be going to Dr. Hopkin (and I don't say that about all the dentists and specialists I have worked with).

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malishya jensen


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Honestly this place was amazing! I went in for my wisdom teeth. They got me in, made sure I fully understood everything. Scheduled the appointment, put me out and the procedure only took 15 minutes. They helped me out to my car with my fiancé. Little to no pain the following days. No bruising. And very very minor swelling you couldn't even tell. Very thankful I chose Hopkin Oral Surgery.

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We Offer Sedation Dentistry

To Ensure Your Comfort

Many patients avoid dental offices because of anxiety and stress over dental treatment. Dr. Hopkin strives to make dental work a positive experience and prioritizes patient comfort. We help ensure your relaxation with modern sedation dentistry at our Salt Lake City, Utah, dental office. Our sedation options include minimally invasive local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, and intravenous (IV) sedation. You can discuss your choices with Dr. Hopkin and find out more about the benefits of sedation during a consultation.

Cost of a Tooth Extraction

Extracting a tooth is a considerable but valuable investment. One tooth extraction at our Salt Lake City, UT, dental practice can range anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000. The number of teeth that need to be extracted also affects overall treatment cost.

A tooth extraction is often considered necessary for the wellbeing of your health. As a necessary procedure, health insurance is likely to cover this treatment. The staff at Hopkin Oral Surgery will work with your insurance in covering as much of the procedure as possible. We also offer in-house financing options and accept CareCredit.

If you're concerned about covering costs, Dr. Hopkin will be happy to review your options with you before the procedure.


Christie Bauer


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We had a great experience at Dr. Hopkins’s  office. He came highly recommended to us and we weren’t disappointed. The office staff is friendly. Dr. Hopkin’s is such a nice guy and he explained the procedure clearly. We will definitely go back if we are in need of an oral surgeon.

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Jonathan Huck


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I just had surgery.  It was so quick and painless! The whole procedure started before I could get anxious. All of, the staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. But, most importantly, Dr. Hopkin is extremely skilled, like I said quick and painless. 10 out of 10 recommend!

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Dental Implants

A Follow-Up Procedure Worth Considering

Missing teeth can weaken your bite and make you reluctant to smile. After a tooth is extracted, the remaining teeth will shift to fill in the gap left behind. Your teeth could realign in a way that offsets your bite, potentially creating more oral health issues. While there are several replacement options available, dental implants are one of the best for maintaining oral health. Patients need to have a minimal amount of healthy gum tissue and bone density in their jaw to qualify for implants. 

Dental implants act like the roots of missing teeth by preventing the jaw atrophy that comes with tooth loss. Restorations fitted to the implant can enhance the aesthetic of your smile. Implants can also anchor prosthetics like dentures and bridges for patients who have multiple missing teeth. This dental treatment requires minor surgery and includes months of recovery, but it can save your oral health in the longterm. Dr. Hopkin can discuss this advanced option after your extraction and help determine if dental implants are right for you.

Dental Implants
Dustin J. Hopkin, DDS

Hopkin Oral Surgery Dustin J. Hopkin, DDS

Dr. Dustin J. Hopkin is a highly trained oral surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT. He is proud to be board-certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. At Hopkin Oral Surgery, Dr. Hopkin and his team provide excellent care with state-of-the-art technology and advanced treatment methods. Our most popular services include:

You can request a consultation with Dr. Hopkin by filling out our online form or calling (801) 277-3942.

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